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Is there a Foodie on your Christmas List?

If the answer is yes, I’ve got 10 fun gift ideas for you! All under $20! My husband Jeff and I are Foodies and we’ve compiled a list of things that we have in our kitchen that we absolutely love! We think your foodie will love them too. Let’s get on to the list!

10 Fun Gift Ideas – One

Fun Gift Ideas

Acacia Wooden Salad Hands are a great way to toss salad or mix just about anything quickly. Dinner Salad, Pasta Salad, Pasta with sauce. The hands are a bit wider than your traditional salad tossing utensils or tongs and make quick work of thoroughly combining ingredients.  At $16.00 a very affordable gift! For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Two

Fun Gift Ideas

The 10 Blade Herb Scissors make quick and beautiful basil ribbons without bruising the leaves. Quickly mince herbs and add flavor to any dish.The little tool makes for easy cleanup of the blades. The tool hooks to the scissor handle so it doesn’t get lost. Nicely priced at $12, at the time I’m writing this they are on sale for $5.99! For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Three

Fun Gift Ideas

Grinding your own spices or black pepper with a mortar and pestle makes all the difference in the world when it comes to flavor. Treat your foodie to this White Marble Mortar & Pestle for only $17.00. For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Four

Fun Gift Ideas

This Microplane grater makes quick work when grating hard cheeses like parmesan, also a good option for zesting lemons, limes or even grating nutmeg, ginger or garlic. The Microplane Grater is a great tool that can be used for grating just about anything! A great gift at $14.95. For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Five

Fun Gift IdeasWe love to add fresh corn to salads or corn bread, but stripping the corn from the cob can be really messy. Use the Zyliss Corn Stripper to quickly remove corn from the cob and not waste a bit of corn or flavor! At just $8.95 it will make quick work of those recipes you love! For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Six

Fun Gift IdeasI wasn’t so sure about this one when Jeff brought it home. We like to make our own salad dressing. It’s a great way to avoid all the added sugar, salt and preservatives. This Chef’n Emulstir  can get you started making your own salad dressing. The product comes with 3 recipes. And the bottle has easy to read measuring lines for all your favorite recipes at only $14.95. For more information click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Seven

Fun gift ideasThese Retro Magnetic Kitchen Timers are fun and practical. It seems when the holidays come around that we never have enough timers! Our double oven came with one timer? What were they thinking? Problem solved. At $14.95 they are fun and affordable. We have three! Click here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Eight

Fun Gift IdeasThese Dexus Silicone Pinch Mitts protect your fingers from burns. Unlike the silicone pads which can be difficult to use. The mitts make it easy to remove hot pans from the oven or move pots and pans around on your cooktop while protecting your fingers. At $9.95 an affordable stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie! See them here.

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Nine

fun gift ideasThis Kuhn Rikon Slide Stick Measuring Spoon is a great idea for anyone in a small space. Or that is embracing minimalism. You can measure multiple things and only wash one spoon! One tool for the job! At only $5 it is a great stocking stuffer! Click here!

10 Fun Gift Ideas – Ten


Fun Gift Ideas

This Joseph Joseph Easy Clean Disc Pizza Wheel has so many uses beyond Pizza. For all of those dished that are hard to cut with a knife. Pizza, Flatbread, Crackers, any dough. Just $12. Click here.

Fun Gifts for your Foodie

I hope you found something on this list that will be a fun gift for your foodie! Please pin this post on pinterest and share it with your friends!

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