26 Days to Change Your Life A is for Attitude

26 Days to a Better Life – Really?

Yes 26 days to a better life. Change your attitude and change your life. Yep, that’s it. The big secret. You are probably thinking…really Julie? that’s it?

Yes, the secret to happiness? It’s all in your attitude. How you choose to respond to the every day little things that happen in your life. Your basic beliefs and opinions, the face you present to the world.

The Secret is in your thoughts

A great quote from an unknown author is ” Life is not happening to you, Life is responding to you”. In other words, the thoughts, opinions, feelings and reactions you put out into the world are powerful.  Simply, your attitude, or a reflection of your attitude is what the universe will give back to you. If you believe life is hard and ugly it will be. Expect trouble and difficulty and you will get trouble and difficulty.

Changing your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Thought patterns, how we react to different circumstances are all really just learned behavior and habits. Like any other habit, with conscious effort and repetition you have the power to change your thoughts and subsequently your attitude. On a bigger scale…your life.

Simple Suggestions for Changing Your Attitude:

Everyone has something in life that isn’t the ideal situation.  Realizing what is making you unhappy is the beginning of changing the situation. Identify what about the situation is within your power to change. Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

Chase away negative thoughts. That voice in your head? You know the one. The one that goes to the negative in every situation. The one that gets offended, that see’s the bad in every interaction? The voice that thinks everyone has an ulterior motive? Turn it off. Think positive thoughts…all the time. Drown out that negative voice. Look for the positive in every encounter.

Practice every minute of every day. Examine every thought and reaction. Recognize when you could have responded differently and how your could have reacted differently. Forgive yourself when you respond poorly, apologize if you need too. Choose to see the good instead of the bad.

Through conscious effort comes change. Practice. Forgive yourself, Do it everyday. Commit to practicing having positive thoughts every day. You have nothing to lose by changing your attitude and so much to gain.

Do this with me for the next month of this series. I expect we will both be amazed at the powerful things that can happen in life with a change of attitude!

For more information on what the A-Z Challenge is or why I’m participating read this.










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5 comments on “26 Days to a Better Life – Change Your Attitude #A-Z Challenge”

  1. I work with a woman who is in the mires of depression for no other reason than her attitude to life – she runs a story through her head about how hard done by she is and it becomes her truth and affects her attitude to everything – so sad. I keep telling her she needs to choose happiness because life is miserable doing it her way!

    • I think I may work with the same person. Everything is a hardship! Sadly I got into that pattern until I realized the only person that could change it was me!

  2. Happiness and good health are often synonymous with positive attitude. I’d rather keep a good outlook and feel better than think negatively and not only to my own detriment feel poorly, but also be a source of misery to those around me.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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