26 Days to a Better Life E is for Effort # A-Z Challenge

E is for Effort

Effort is the key behind every accomplishment. You can have great ideas, big dreams, big plans. Do you struggle with finding the time and effort in every day to achieve your dreams? The key to making any idea or dream or plan come to reality is the effort and finding the time to do your most critical tasks.  I’m not discounting dreaming, having ideas or even having plans. Each one is a critical to achievement.  E is for Effort. What is effort and can it be channeled  to achieve your biggest dreams?

What is effort?

Effort is defined as the exertion of mental or physical power to do something. We all use effort to varying degrees everyday in our lives. Simple things like getting out of bed in the morning and going to work. Or more complicated things like writing a novel, building a business, running a marathon. Each requires a degree or level of effort. Effort can be mental or physical. Effort is the fuel that feeds the engine to get you from Point A to Point B.

Time and Effort Come in Limited Quantities

We all have things we need to accomplish and would like to accomplish. From doing the laundry, attending school, building  a business. The list is endless. This is most obvious to me on the weekends. I start sometime on Friday compiling the never-ending to do list. If I put everything that pops into  my head on that list, the list would be huge! Huge, unrealistic and completely unachievable. Quite would frankly leave me feeling defeated before I even got started. Not a good place to be.


We are all so busy and have so many things to do. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed. Does that happen to you? The saving grace for me is in prioritization. I recently read a book called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. Was your reaction, Eat the frog? What? The title is based on a quote by Mark Twain.

The quote reads “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.” The book provides a framework for identifying and prioritizing the tasks that are most critical to your success and tackling those first.

Have a Plan

No matter what the size your task, have a plan. If it’s cleaning your house have a schedule, running a marathon have a training schedule, building a business have a plan. Start with the end goal in mind and break it up into bite sized pieces, those pieces are your tasks.

Identify Tasks and Guard Your Time and Effort

Start with your critical tasks. Do those, Eat Your Frog’s. Leave less critical things for later in the day or push them to the next day. Time and effort don’t come in an unlimited supply. Guard them like you are guarding your greatest treasure.

Do you have any tips that you use to maximize time and effort? I’d love to hear about them!






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2 comments on “26 Days to a Better Life E is for Effort # A-Z Challenge”

  1. Love your series ! Very much enjoy it ! Thank you! So easy to put off tasks and getting motivated is key ! Love the frog concept funny ! Just getting going ” eliminate distractions and get to bed at a reasonable hour ! Getting up early enough to collect your thoughts and have some down time before you start the day ! One step at a time still rings true !!

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