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People have had gardens since the beginning of time.  Gardens are something we continue to enjoy today. For some, it’s a necessity to feed the family, for some a hobby, for others an area to reflect and relax. I love the idea of having a garden and dream of a beautifully landscaped yard.  A bounty of fresh herbs and vegetables, beautiful flowers and lush foilage. A place to relax and reflect. Honestly though, with our busy lives  many of us don’t have the time, space or energy to have the garden of our dreams. Just like people; gardens come in many shapes and sizes. The following gardening solutions can be adapted for any space. They open a world of possibilities for having a piece of that gardening dream. Big or small. Each garden idea also includes the pros and cons and things you should consider when evaluating your garden options.

Raised Bed Gardens

5 Reasons Raised Bed Gardening Might be Right for You

The first gardening solution for any space is a raised bed garden. This is a great option if you have the space. Check out my post on 7 Reasons a Raised Bed Garden Might be Right for You. Raised bed gardens have many benefits.  You can choose your soil composition, the growing season is longer and you eliminate small animals like rabbits eating your lettuce. The potential downside to a raised bed garden is it can take a little bit of an investment to get started and they do require frequent watering. Check out Danelle at’s great list of 12 raised bed gardens. Angela at also offers some budget friendly solutions.

Containers – Big and Small

Gardening Solutions for Any Space

There are a multitude of options when it comes to containers. Options range from livestock troughs, simple pots, even mason jars offer the opportunity to have a large or small garden of your own.

Containers offer a lot of flexibility. The can be moved if it’s too sunny or shady. They are a great option for small spaces. Things to note, prepare your containers so they have good drainage, drill holes in the bottom or fill with gravel, clay pot shards or even packing peanuts. Use quality soil. Choose your container and your plants based on the growing environment. If you have a sunny window or balcony you may be able to grow herbs and vegetables. If you are in a shady spot your container garden may be filled with hydrangeas and hostas. Its important that you select plants that can thrive in your environment.

Large Container Gardening

Gardening Solutions for Any Space

Large Containers offer so many things if you have the space. They have many of the benefits of raised beds, you have lots of space and can plant a variety of vegetables and flowers. You choose the soil and can control the drainage by adding rocks, packing peanuts, pot shards or just about anything! Animals are unlikely to leave the ground to eat your crops and burrowing animals like moles can’t eat the roots. The containers above are the garden solution for our space this year while we re-grade the backyard.

Containers for Smaller Spaces


Whichever size container you choose check out  Tips for a Thriving Container Garden, this post from Alea at has some great ideas to help you on the path to success with container gardening.Gardening Solutions for Any Space


Smaller containers like simple cup or mason jars are great for bringing a little of the outdoors in and creating a window sill garden. Be sure to monitor carefully for water. Smaller containers dry out more quickly but can also suffer from poor drainage.

Solutions for Any Space

Are you ready to pick out a solution and grab a little piece of the gardening dream this growing season? Raised bed? Windowsill Herb Garden? Potted Flowers? Whichever one you choose wishing you every gardening success! Happy Gardening!

Gardening Soultions for Any Space

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