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Are you always looking for healthy side dishes that are easy, quick and beautiful? I know I’m always looking. While,  I have my favorite go to dishes. The consist of items that are always on hand and are dishes that could made in my sleep? While it’s nice to have those old standby recipes, they can get a little boring.  These green beans and tomato with garlic butter are just packed with flavor and would be the perfect side for your next dinner party or weeknight meal.

Green Beans And Tomato Garlic Butter Saute Recipe Notes:

The vibrant green beans coupled with the red and yellow tomatoes are so beautiful. Fresh green beans and tomatoes are a must.   I got the original recipe from Home Chef but adapted it to suit our family’s tastes. Please, whatever you do please don’t skip the butter! The small bit of butter in the recipe really makes all the difference in the flavor. The ingredient list is for two servings, it can easily be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled to serve a larger number of people.

Items Needed:

Green Beans

Grape Tomatoes




salt and pepper.

Tools needed:

Cutting Board


garlic press

measuring cup

Cast Iron Skillet

wooden spoon or tongs


Begin by trimming the ends off the green beans, slicing the grape tomatoes in half and peeling the paper from the garlic.

Grren Beans and Tomato Garlic Butter Saute
Cut tomatoes in half.
Grren Beans and Tomato Garlic Butter Saute
Trim the ends off the green beans and remove the paper from the garlic.
Green Beans and Tomato Garlic Butter Saute
Add butter, green beans and water to pan. Cover and cook 3-4 minutes.
Green Beans and Tomato Garlic Butter Saute
Remove cover, add tomatoes and pressed or minced garlic. Cook an additional 3-4 minutes. Green beans should be tender but crisp and tomatoes should be warmed through.

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