brussels sprouts recipe

We are always looking for simple ways to prepare vegetables that provide a healthy side dish for our favorite meals. This Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe is something that is a quick, healthy and whole food recipe that can be paired nicely with just about anything.

My husband is probably not going to try these…ever. He is not a big vegetable eater but I have hope. He didn’t think he liked green beans or asparagus either so maybe he will give these a try. If not more for me, and that doesn’t make me sad because I absolutely love these!

Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe


Brussels Sprouts
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper


Sheet pan
Mixing Bowl


Preheat oven. Wash brussels sprouts and remove any damaged leaves. Place brussels sprouts in a bowl and toss will olive oil salt and pepper. Spread brussels sprouts evenly on a baking tray (use parchment paper for easy clean up if you like).

brussels sprouts recipebrussels sprouts recipe

Place in oven and shake the pan half way through cooking time so the brussels sprouts roast evenly. Remove from oven. Plate and serve.

If you like me don’t have anyone else in your house that loves brussels sprouts, these simple roasted brussels sprouts are even amazing cold. I cook a 2lb package and use them in salads or bowls for my lunch during the week.

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